Chesnet - Sur Cou - Les Mouilles - Roche Parnal - Col de l'Ebat - Sous-Dine - Le Tremble - Chesnet


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## Upward Climb to Sur Cou from Le Chesnet. ## Descent Go down the SE slope to the hamlet of Les Mouilles. ## Upward Climb to La Roche Parnal via the Col du Freu (often on foot for 30 m) then take corridor E, Beware of any snow accumulation at the end of the corridor (on the left).

It is also possible to bypass lane E from the left but the slopes are grassy and steep and you have to be sure of the snow catch.

The end often ends on foot because on these windward S slopes there is little snow. ## Descent Go down to the SW side, there is a small passage on the right of a group of fir trees (it goes straight ahead but you need a lot of snow). ## Upward Go up towards Pointe de Sous-Dine via a turn to the right of the summer passage.

The summer passage where there is a cable is much more exposed than the transfer.

This passage is always made on foot.

There are often a few steps on the rock but easy then join the normal path by bypassing a rocky jump to the left.

Then if there is not much snow there can be a delicate step on a smooth but very short slab. Crossing the edges to Sous-Dine.

Possibly remove shoes on the ladder (which you can't see in winter). ## Descent Go down by the Monthieux then in the corridor on the Plantzeur side After the passage of the Monthieux quite quickly cross to the right along the rocks. Go down to Le Tremble by the Bois de Sales (forest road then path to the right and in the pin cut through wood to reach not very far another path. Return to Chesnet (1.8 km) rather flat but it is often better to put the skins back on.<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._