Short circuit around the pond of Arfin more suitable for hiking. For mountain bikers the tour is a discovery of the practice, there is always the possibility on this plateau to do a longer tour. Be sure to bring a map, not all paths are marked.


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####Itinerary From Les Berthey near the hamlet of Mer on the D315 follow a forest track passing NE of the Etang des Parières, this track is marked out (yellow dots).

After a short descent, pass through the streams (low point of the circuit at 508 m), outlets of the upper ponds, which can take the track followed on short passages.

Continue by a small ascent on the opposite bank and reach easily by a path still marked but not indicated in part on the online map, the N bank of the pond of Arfin. Continue to the NNE through the beautiful fir forest mainly of the Haut Bois d'Arfin.

Arriving at the N of the place called "le Proviot". ####Return Follow the yellow marked track to the SE until the first intersection with another track on the right.

Follow this full W track at the start.

Note that this return by the S of the Arfin pond is not marked out, the map will therefore be the only way to progress in a fairly dense network of paths and tracks.

Follow the wide track to a pond (this is not very explicit in this region), pond near the point on the 560 m side.

Go around it by the N, at the S the road and blocked and private, follow the road (SW) pass N bank of a new pond before arriving at the E end of the pond of Arfin.

Find a more or less easy passage depending on the water level to cross the stream between the 2 ponds.

On the opposite bank reach the point on the 562 m side by a road and arrive fairly quickly on a track leading back to the starting point by following a series of ponds again. It is possible to reach the S end of the Arfin pond by a short round trip from point 538 m on the track, near the Berthey ponds. <br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._