The various well-marked paths in the area allow several variants to be used to complete this circuit of the 2 lakes.


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####Ascent of Lake Neuweiher From the church of Rimbach take the steep path along the cemetery wall.

Join the marked path to Ermensbach. Arrived in the top of the village and quickly find the 2 paths leading to Lake Neuweiher.

The path of Pierre, it bears its name well, the paving with large rounded and slippery pebbles in wet weather gives it the appearance of an old road from another time.

By this path through the forest, you can easily reach Petit Lac and just above the Grand Lac. ####Ascent and crossing of Lac des Perches After crossing the top of the small dam, follow the indicated and well marked path towards Lac des Perches.

After a fairly steep climb in bends, arrive at the thatch of Haute Bers (Chalet Abri du Club Vosgiens at the upper edge of the thatch).

Continue along a downhill path passing the Rocher du Corbeau and reach Lac des Perches shortly after. ######Variant From the chalet shelter of Haute Bers it is also possible to follow a path on the side passing through the SE side of the Tête des Perches and then the Col des Perches.

This path allows you to reach the lake from above and thus have another point of view. ####Return For the return trip 2 indicated paths lead back to Rimbach from Lake Perche, via Basse Bers or via the Riesenwald farm It should be noted that the marked itinerary passing through Ferme Auberge de Riesenwald no longer continues along the farm's access path but passes through a newly created path below the road to Langmatt more directly. <br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._