An off-trail circuit for its main part, the walk on the Glacier de la Fenive is a short walk, easily avoidable if it is white ice.


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#### Approaching from the Emosson dam 30min walk on a concrete and flat road to pass the Nant de Dranse and reach the first hairpin of the road going up to the dam of the Vieux Émosson Point coté at 1962 m.

####Directly mounted by the head to Lugon Leaving the road at the hairpin, at this level the path to go to the col de Tenneverge is not indicated and it is also not very marked the work of the Nant de Dranse has somewhat disrupted the ground.

From this point on, the route is off-trail. Climb on sight, in the blueberries and the callune, between small rocky bars, crossing them as well as possible by weaknesses.

Pass the Crown, at 2200 m arrive under the head at Lugon.

Pass to the right of the head and possibly a small detour to climb to the top at 2372 m.

From 2300 m the ground becomes morainic, a path with chamois / ibex / hunters helps to cross a scree towards the 2400 m hill corresponding to the former moraine E of the glacier de la Fenive.

But before that, it will be necessary to go up a steep corridor in a rocky area at the bottom and then break up the rock. Step onto the moraine and locate the path to follow in a labyrinth of small bars and sills entirely covered with shale.

It is the former open-air glacial basin that has only been in existence for a few years. Reach the pass to the east of the Eye of Ox, passing successively through rocky passages on slippery shale, permanent snow, or even on the east edge of the Fenive glacier on the upper part. ####Descent on the dam of Vieux Émosson From the summit, the entire first part of the descent to the dam of Vieux Émosson is clearly visible and takes place at the start on the SW croup.

The slope is supported by a rocky terrain that is still broken, gradually giving way to alpine grass.

Pass an exposed rocky sill SE (smell) before reaching the Head of the Gouilles at 2351 m. Do not attempt to descend directly onto the dam (impassable rocky bar).

Find a passage to the E of the Tête des Gouilles allowing to reach by a steep slope the bisse bringing water back to the dam.

Follow this bisse and take the metal staircase to pass a last rocky sill before arriving at the dam. ####Return by the Veudale From the hut of Vieux Émosson, in order to avoid the road of the dam for the return, go from the Gorge du Vieux to the valley of Veudale.

Small lift with several passages equipped to pass the rump.

Then descent to the level of the Tête du Largey before returning to the road and the Emosson dam. <br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._