Magnificent panoramic crossing over Lake Como, using for the most part the VML/Via dei Monti Lariani (which can be continued to the N end of the lake in 4 additional stages)


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####Itinerary ###### Day 1 from Chiasso station (230 m, Zurich time link via Lugano), follow the signposted path to Monte Bisbino (1330 m).

Get off at Rifugio Bugone where you fall back on the VML which you follow until you reach the foot of the Sasso Gordona.

The summit is crossed from E to W (chains in both directions) to Rifugio Prabello (closed) where we find the VML, follow it to Pian delle Alpi (inn) before going up to Alpe d'Orimento (inn).

Get off at San Fedele (730 m, several hotels).

33.7km / +2070m / -1570m, 10 to 12h. ###### Day 2 All along the VML route, better marked, via Monte Costone (small hook), Rifugio Boffalora, the Narro mountain pasture and the Bocca di Nava to the village of Croce.

Leave the VML to go down to Menaggio by road (2 km): 27 km / +1000m / -1530m, 8 to 9h. <br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._