A sporty hiking itinerary, typically Carusian, with a varied and elegant itinerary, taking place in the wilder N part of the Aiguilles.


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From the junction of the[roads/859725|Ravin des Charbonniers] and the Piste des Aiguilles: follow the Piste des Aiguilles towards the N.

The start is at 3<sup>e</sup>col.

You can also come from the Col de la Narquoise.

The start is marked by a large blue inscription. Go over to the right and reach the base of the turn.

In its first part, the route follows a narrow turn towards the N.

Two narrowings require attention because they are on exposed slabs.

The turn gradually widens, making it possible to pass as close as possible to the wall, although the markings choose to pass closer to the void (and therefore more exposed).

Magnificent view on the Cirque de Farrières and the foothills of the Roc du Caroux.

We go around rocky towers to the left, then we follow a moorland slope along its length, gradually turning towards the E. In its second part, the route becomes more rocky and steeper.

A steep ascent along a Z-path leads to a breach.

Go down behind and enter a corridor that you walk up 20 m.

Escape to the left by following a system of turns.

Pass a slight breach, and continue the turns to the left.

We're going to a hallway that has been cashed in.

A rocky wall hinders the corridor, it can easily be climbed by making a right hook (II, good and safe holds).

Higher up, climb a slab inclined to the left (III), the start being a bit like a chimney.

Exit at a secondary ridge, turn right and join a breach on the main ridge (arrival point of the[roads/866680|Grande Vire du Rieutord]).

A short staircase leads to a rocky turn.

The route then follows a series of rocky veers and slabs, sometimes upwards, sometimes horizontally, always below the main ridge, towards the SE.

Leave a pass with an insulated block on the right (arrival of the [[roads/866340|Grande Grésouïre]]).

You reach a wide saddle, from where you can easily reach the top of the Roc du Caroux on the right by a round trip.

The itinerary marked in blue goes down then turns left and joins a pass, the starting point of the Ravin des Hêtres. Possibility by pulling on sight towards the NE (some slopes) to reach the plateau, and 100 m to the SE to reach the isolated beech tree, junction with the Upper Rieutord Trail and the exit of the Ravin des Charbonniers. **Variant.

** An even more sporty variant avoids the corridor and its two climbing steps.

However, it is committed, and should be considered as an escalation PD.

40 m high, exit at the highest point N of the summit ridge of the Aiguilles. Just before crossing to the left to join the corridor (with the two climbing steps), notice on the right a corridor/ramp that rises diagonally to the right.

Follow him (II).

Traces of sheep passing through.

A resaut in the middle (II+).

At the end of the ramp, a short hook to the left, then to the right, then to the left.

We pass a shrub, and a last step (II+) leads to scales, then to the top.

Go back down to the gap where the Vire Guy Pistre and the Grande vire de Rieutord meet.<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike](https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5/) licence._