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In TC access, departure from Clelles station for example the day before in the evening, 3.75km to reach Chichilianne (2 cottages, 1 hotel). From Chichilianne, reach La Richardière by the track or the road, then climb to Pas de l'Aiguille (1620 m) by an excellent wide trail on the bottom and easy to follow all along (this part can be done easily at night, which is not the case in the rest...).

Continue straight on (ignoring a fork on the right) along an unmarked path that is quite obvious until you reach the Jas Neuf hut.

The path linking with the GR 91 is then shown more on the map than in the field, a few cairns but a GPS can be useful...

we end up on the GR a little S of the Col du Pison. All that remains is to follow the GR in its entirety to Corrençon 30 km further on.

The path is marked out (cairns first of all, sometimes a little paint) but it is often not very marked, sometimes just a trace a little flattened in the grass and the stones, in trail mode you have to open your eyes (and if there is fog from time to time the GPS...).

A key fork is not indicated at Pt 1583, a few km after Pré Peyret: the track runs to the left while the good route continues straight ahead in slightly flattened grass. The course undulates to infinity with small ascents / descents from 10 to 100 m of altitude difference.

Fair sharing of pleasant walking in large meadows and very twisted footpaths in lapiaz covered with low vegetation, with a long and difficult descent into the Erges Canyon.

There is water at the Fontaine des Serrons (micro flow, not indicated but very close to the path, useful GPS anyway), at the Fontaine de la Chau a little further (more flow), and just after (not mentioned on IGN !), about 2 km before the Jasse du Play (info Allssaint 2016) From Corrençon, the easiest way to reach Villard (6k further) is to follow the route marked out by the Bouchards and Guillets<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._