This tour is a more alpine way to discover this archi-travelled summit that is the Croisse Baulet.


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##Ascent [[roads/214055|to reach the Petit Pâtre cabin (several possible routes)]]. Go down towards the Niard pass and around 1920 m take a path to the Chalets des Bancs.

Climb up the rhododendron-rich rump following the (painful) chamois slopes as best as possible to reach a flat spot around 1900m Continue in the slope line before crossing around 2000 m on the right hand side at best to reach the SW ridge path.

Unblock at a wooden post with yellow-green markings. Go up the SW ridge to the top of Croisse Baulet.

From there, locate the descent on the wire of a rocky ridge on the E flank and leading to very characteristic geological formations in the shape of curved teeth. img=815331 right]Down Baulet Croisse by the edge W[/img] ## Return Continue the summit ridge by passing below a metal sculpture and then reach the N summit marked by a cairn. Go down (E) on the thread of this narrow inclined edge (alternating ground-herb-rock, exposed but easy passage if dry) to a cairn and then right between 2 "teeth".

(earthy steps at the beginning).

Continue along the scree and grass slopes until you reach the path leading back to the Petit Pâtre hut. Follow the alpine pasture path to the chalets of Les Bénés, which you leave around 1850 m to take the path to the right towards the Croix du Planet.

To win the foot of the summit jump of the Planet Cross.

From there, 2 options: - Or bypass the bastion by a path to the left until you reach a short passage equipped with a cable. - Either climb directly up the jump (easy but exposed). From the Croix du Planet, go down the winding path leading to the top of the cordon lifts and then the track passing through the Tanks and back to the Tank car park.<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._