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From Oropa follow the road to the Rosazza Gallery until the second bend (to the right) near a strange monument called **Delubro** (some parking possibilities). At the monument take the cart track (trail sign D13) and after about 400 meters take upstream the path D14 with indication **Giass Municipality** (m.1535) which is reached first through a beech forest and then through open ground. From here the path continues to be signposted, but not very visible, along the SE side of the Tovo until it reaches its crestone S, along which you reach the peak characterized by a metal cross. **Descent:** for the ascent route, or more remuneratively, for the Window Grille and the Trout Alp. In this case, from the summit of the Tovo, descend in the direction of the W (trail D32) towards the **Bocchetta di Finestra** (2038 m) following the marks between the boulders, and from here, with a marked path but again little visible, reach the **Alpe Trotta** (1810 m).

Turn left along the D32 path until you reach the beautiful paved road that descends from the Rosazza refuge and leads to the cart track at the bottom of the valley, along which, in the direction of the E, you return to the starting point.<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._