The tour of Mont Oreb by foot, a beautiful and committed hike, essentially off-piste, in an impressive mineral atmosphere, with a NE side of the omnipresent Buet on the way up.


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[img=815709 right]Col des Tours du Buet (late summer)[/img] ## Ascent through the valley of Tré les Eaux and Gros Nol From Couteray follow the path indicated Tré les Eaux, after a steep climb in the forest, pass the chalets "sur le Rocher".

Follow the brook of La Meunière by remaining on a well marked path until a jump (waterfall).

This well maintained trail is not really indicated on the map.

Continue from the waterfall in the direction of NW, staying on the left bank of the Tré les Eaux stream.

Arriving at the foot of a rocky bar, go up to the right towards mustard rocks, cross them with cables and chains on the right.

Once on the shoulder, go down slightly to the left and follow the steep path towards NE (small delicate passage with a chain). Once on the flat of the valley, go up the right bank of the stream towards the foot of the Tré les Eaux glacier, after the intake of Tré les Eaux the path is only a slight path. From the shoulder at the foot of the frontal moraine of the glacier (at least what remains of it under a pile of unstable stones) stay on the N croup towards Gros Nol, a path that is not very marked and marked with a few scattered cairns indicates the general direction, then it is at best in scree, on slabs, through small rock bars to the top. img=815708 right]Col des Tours du Buet final crossing (first snow)[/img][img=815907 right]The upper part of the descent to the Vallon de Bérard[/img] ## Crossing Gros Nol Col des Tours du Buet From the Gros Nol continue along its NW ridge towards the point on the IGN 2502 m side, it is also possible, depending on the conditions, to undertake this section of the route to join the crossing itself at the top of the Tré les Hauts glacier.

The crossing passes at the foot of the ridge of Les Cristaux and Tours du Buet on the terminal part before reaching a well marked pass between Le Buet and Mont Oreb.

Cross on your side as high as possible.

The slope is quite steep, it is formed by piles of fine shale particles regularly fed from above.

Depending on the period, rock falls are not negligible, the terrain is very slippery and muddy. Arriving at the Tours du Buet pass at 2710 m (not named on the map) after a last jump. ## Return through the valley of Bérard Return totally off-trail to the bottom of the Berard Valley. From the pass, turn right at the start and find from far and wide, regularly pulling to the left quite quickly after the first part, a route, always possible, avoiding the many small rocky bars separated by grassy terraces, is the terrain that the many ibexes in the area love.

At about 1600 m, find yourself in a steep SW corridor, before reaching by its left bank a shoulder, at the point near IGN 2427 m, allowing you to reach a wide SE corridor at the foot of the Tête du Rêt. Go down this long corridor through the centre to 2000 m, then take the left bank to avoid the passage of the stream in a series of vertical rocky bars.

Left bank passage at sight in the rhodos and blueberries between more or less steep rocky slabs.

From 2000 m to the bottom of the valley the slope is steep. Finally, join the comfortable path of the Bérard valley at 1750 m and join the Bérard waterfall at the end of the valley by this path and shortly afterwards find a signpost indicating the starting point at the chalets of La Poya.<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._