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From the village of Seewis (945 m, post bus from Grüsch station on the Landquart - Davos line), take the asphalt track to Pt 1131, then dirt track to the Valärsäge mountain pasture (1747 m) and finally to the Schesaplana Refuge (1908 m).

By car, we are allowed to drive 2 km more until pt 1043, then the road is forbidden: a bike is therefore more than recommended (most hikers use this means), 13 km in total from Seewis to the refuge...

Trail in pretty good condition but a good mountain bike is still good, it is not a pool table either and there are portions at 15%. From the refuge (open and guarded), follow the abundant white-blue-white markings that intelligently zigzag across the S wall, with an impregnable view from below: some air passages with chains, but above all a lot of steep terrain like VN des Dolomites, not vertiginous but requiring a sure foot, We go out through shale ravines not very pleasant on the way down to reach a vast saddle at Pt 2728 (junction with the normal Austrian road, very busy).

A very good steep but easy path through a desert of lunar rocks leads to the summit cross 250 m higher.

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