The Kremžar route to Jezerska Kočna is one of the major routes in the massif. By paying N, from the refuge Češka koča.


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## Access Jezersko (town), or Ravenska Kočna. ## Approach Go to the refuge *Češka koča*. ## Ascension # (itinerary marked and equipped with cables and metal pins, such as via ferrata). Leave the refuge towards the W, towards the Vratca breach (Grintovec arrow and Kočna).

Soon turn left (right: Vratca).

The path winds its way through the rocky outcrop to the next fork in the road.

Turn right, signposted Kočna (among others). At the top of the scree, the track approaches the wall and leads first to the wire of the N ridge.

Then, the difficulties are sometimes exposed, but arranged, and the path is marked out.

The track manages the wide ridge until a breach where the track of the NW ridge of Grintovec goes to the left.

Turn right (W, signposted Kočna).

The route now manages a picturesque ridge on its S side, through a system of muddy turns and passages, but always very well equipped with cables and pins.

At the end of the route, climb up a steep chimney before reaching the aerial summit. ## Descent - By the same route. - By crossing N - S through the summit of the Kokrska Kočna and to the Cojzova refuge koča.<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._