This itinerary from the Kocbekov dom refuge is very classic, historically (prehistorically?) the normal way to Planjava !


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## Access Luče, Kamniška Bistrica, or Robanov kot. ## Approach Go up to the Kocbekov dom refuge (see the access routes on the link). ## Ascension # itinerary marked and arranged, approx.

2h, T3/T4 Leave the Kocbekov dom refuge to the W (signposted Kamniška koča, Kamniško sedlo).

Go down a little and then continue horizontally following the tags.

After the path has started to climb, you reach a passage arranged with cables and metal pins.

Continue in ascent to exit at Srebrno sedlo pass (2115 m). Continue the climb to the right, then soon again to the W.

At the corner/edge, the path to Planjava takes a right at the junction (signposting, inscription on the rock).

Note that the path to the left crosses towards the Kamniška refuge koča (Kamniško sedlo pass). Our path continues in ascendancy.

Shortly before the summit, we cross a marked path (on the right towards the Škarje gap and Lućka Baba, and on the left towards the Kamniška refuge koča).

Continue straight up to the top. ## Descent By the same route, or by looping through the Škarje gap.

Or, by crossing to the W to the Kamniška refuge koča.<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._