Very beautiful, varied and spectacular course. It is possible to start it in a day loop from Estoul or from the Arp refuge by joining it over 2 days with on the first day a crossing to Corno Vitello see here [[roads/781724|Corno Vitello Estoul crossing >Valnera point > Valfredda lakes > Arp refuge]]


4 - 5









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## Ascent to the Palasinaz pass From the Arp refuge, follow path 105, well indicated and marked.

Pass through the Palasanina mountain pasture and reach the cac de la Battiglia after a steeper climb along a stream.

Always by the road 105 along the lake shore NE pass the Green Lake and reach after a new rather steep level the lake Corridor at 2607 m, the Palasina pass is just above at 2668 m. ## Crossing and climbing by ridge E From Palasina Pass follow the 3d trail.

This one makes a small loop at the start which already allows you to enjoy the panorama of the Matterhorn and Monte Rosa to the N.

Then the path will scrupulously follow the ridge to the final part under the horn of Boussolaz, it will join just before the summit, after a crossing in a stone quarry, the route of the normal path (3c). Beforehand, the steep path will take 2 specially designed passages (handrails and metal steps) to cross the tip of Lac Long. and several steep passages, exposed over steep slopes.

Overall this route through the ridge requires careful attention, it is better to stop to admire the landscapes, the lakes below and the flora (edelweiss). Once you reach the normal road, there is a little less than 100 m of difference in altitude to reach the summit of Corno Boussolaz at 3023 m by a steep and ravine path. The summit offers a complete 360° panoramic view of the entire Aosta Valley and its peaks.

## Return to Estoul by the pass and the lake of Bringuez From the top, go down the normal track road (3c) to the shores of Long Lake.

A steep passage at the Boussolaz pass at 2807 m.

On the hilltop above Lac Long find the well marked path 3b which almost joins the Bringuez pass on its side at 2661 m.

From the pass, a plunging view of the lake 150 m below.

Go down to the lake by a very steep path and continue towards the Quiapa mountain pasture (2245 m) by path 4a.

By the alpine pasture track go down to Lavassey at 1996 m, cross the stream and go up by the track to Chavanne at 2107 m in order to take path n°5 back to Estoul (parking) at 1871 m.<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._