Alpine hike between the Piedmontese valley of San Domenico and Simplon


5 - 6









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Ascent: from Ponte Campo (1320 m), climb to Alpe Veglia (1730 m) by the track, cross the plain of Alpe Veglia towards the hamlet of Isola (1760 m) then follow the F28 route to the Bocchetta d'Aurona.

It is a good path up to 2200 m, a cairneous path with some beacons up to 2400 m, beyond that the path is in the ground and the rock covering the dying glacier.

Cairns and rare paint marks help to orientate oneself, it is generally necessary to pull well on the right and go up to the right of the small waterfall, we find the 1<sup>res</sup>new chains (and again more painting markings) on a kind of rock kidney.

The last 100 meters zigzag in a slightly delicately built wall but well equipped with cables, it leads to the terrace of the former Bivacco Farello, now dismantled (5 hours from Ponte Campo). Descent: follow the now obvious markings to the pass itself 20 m higher, from there either to reach the Monte Leone refuge at D (80 m of additional lift, 20min detour) or take a left to follow the lake by its S shore - the 2 routes are marked and meet above the W shore of the lake.

From there, go down to the Hospice du Simplon in 1h30 by a good path.<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._