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Departure in front of the town hall of Argut below.

Long circuit where you need flair to find some old abandoned trails and good legs for off-trail portions.

From the town hall of Argut-Dessous (690 m ?), follow the path that leads to Fos.

Just after the bridge over the Rimbat stream, go up the slope straight ahead and join an old built path that rises in the valley under the rocks of the Gar plan as soon as the terrain becomes passable again, leave it to rise sharply via waves slopes towards the ridge that you reach near the Gar plan (837 m).

All that remains is to follow it for a long time in invasive brooms (although a recent ecobuilding has cleaned the land well) to the cape of the Broucau Palace (1331 m and 1344 m).

Unexpected view of the Maladeta at the bottom of the Aran Valley.

Go down to the N at the Espone pass (1315 m) and reach just above the cute hut of Artigue (6 places, water, fireplace).

At the top of the prairie, on the east side, find a horizontal track that runs NE.

There are actually two parallel tracks a few meters apart.

The gpx track takes the upper track but I think it is better to use the lower track.

It stops at the taste of Artigon.

Continue on a modest horizontal path that crosses a superb beech grove with tortured trunks and leads to the Col d'Artigaux (1382 m, 1 hour from l'Artigue).

Take your courage with both hands and climb N up the steep slope to Mount Sijol (1790 m), the last peak of the Mourtis ridge.

Then follow the hills peacefully until you reach the tuc de l'Étang (1816 m) then the tuc de Pan (1734 m), closing your eyes to the pylons.

Beautiful panorama, Maladeta, Crabioules, Montlude, Crabère in particular. From Tuc de Pan, continue for a long time towards the W.

In the beautiful forest, there is a marked skidding trail that passes for a while on the S side of the ridge and then on the N side.

In case of a fork, stay as close as possible to the ridge.

We are reached by a mountain bike marking and we reach the Seube-Arguts forest road.

Follow it horizontally to the left until you reach a pin and continue on the opposite track (like the mountain bike markings).

At a dense fir stand, pass a water trough and descend to the SW along a sunken path.

It joins a wide stone path that goes down unambiguously to Argut-Dessus.

At the end of the village, an old path avoids the road until Vielle then Argut-Dessous.<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._