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## Upward Follow the itinerary of the [[roads/142408|grotte de la Balme à Colon]] to the exit of the forest, just before the beginning of the Granier cliffs.

Turn left (due N) onto a path whose departure is marked by a cairn.

Follow this not always very marked and slightly sloping path, which runs along the foot of the cliffs for about 1.1 km to the foot of the Tencovaz bars at almost constant altitude.

Locate a fairly marked needle to the left of the Tencovaz turns/terraces, and climb off-trail or on vague trail traces in the grass and mini stones under this needle.

Find a path that runs N for 100 m, then winds through a small corridor and goes back to the S in a horizontal direction.

Follow the path that offers a path between the bars to the Granier plateau.

A few steps of easy climbing on patinated and slightly exposed limestone are necessary.

The exit can be done on the left when you go to the top of the Granier, or by a small ramp on the right if you go to the S. ## Descent Either round trip or loop along the route of the[routes/142408|grotte de la Balme à Colon]. <br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._