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In Domaso you can park for free as soon as you take the road to Vercana on the left. Difficulty: MC/BC up to the Vercana Mountains, then BC/OC with steep slopes. By mountain bike uphill on asphalt to Vercana, then at an altitude of about 500 take in the direction of NW to Vercana Mountains always asphalt never too steep 5/10%, a little 'steeper towards 1100m, then arrived at the altitude 1200, take the forest trying to stay in the center or possibly left, you get to the mouth of graglio a little' pushing, then in the direction of N up to Alpe Graglio always 50/50 MTB / thrust.

From Alpe Graglio you pedal a little, you go as far as the obvious Motto with a wonderful view of the lake. Descent same as the climb, do not turn left as in our GPS track because it is very exposed, but follow the climb. When you arrive above the Vercana Mountains, turn left towards the N towards Aurogno, Treccione then Asfalto to Gera Lario, where there is the busy and dangerous Statale Regina, as soon as possible towards the port fold back on the bike path. Ideal period April-May - September/November. Several fountains on the itinerary between 1200 and 1300m <br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._