A circuit that offers magnificent views of the Petit Combin, the Corbassière glacier, the Grand Combin... the footbridge opened in July 2014 spanning the Corbassière glacier as well as the rehabilitation of all the paths in the area open this loop to all hikers


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##Ascent A well marked path leads directly from the Brunet cabin to the footbridge crossing the Dyure.

A little above the footbridge, do not cross it, the path allows you to reach Pron Sery directly. Rise on the left towards the Col des Avouillons by a well marked and rather steep path.

Reach the pass at 2649 m after a tightening of the combs.

Spectacular view of the Corbasssière glacier from the pass. ##Descending Go down to the moraine of the Corbassière glacier by a well marked path.

The path crosses the moraine on its flat part (small turquoise lakes) before taking the large footbridge to cross on the other side of the Corbassière glacier. ##Return From the right bank several possibilities: - (option strongly recommended) Climb to the Panossière cabin (FX Bagnoud) or to the point a little below to enjoy the view over the entire Grand Combin massif. - Cross the footbridge again (it would have been a pity not to cross it) in order to find a path passing the left bank going down to the foot of Becca de Sery.

Then the generally level path passes through the Maye, crosses the Dyure de Sery by a new footbridge around 2180 m, before reaching the Brunet cabin by the route taken on the way there. - Stay on the right bank of the gorge and take the road towards Fionnay by Goli map.

At point 2233 m find a path (not indicated but marked out) going down towards the water intake at the bottom of the gorge of the Corbassière torrent.

Cross the bridge over the stream, descend to the foot of a beautiful cliff smoothed by the glacier in its time.

Follow a good level path through the green alders before a small ascent to find the path at 2140 m passing through the Maye and joining the Brunet cabin.<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike](https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5/) licence._