A blue groomer from the top of Panoramic Lift with a steep section in the bowl









Forget-me-not is rated blue, and is the easiest way to get down from Panoramic Lift, but that doesn't mean it's easy.

It does, however, have the closest powder turns after getting off the "Pano." This run can be ungroomed in the actual bowl until you get down to the trees and can only be accessed by the Panoramic Express Lift – a high-speed six-pack lift that can be your best friend on a powder day.

Portions of this trail may be roped off under the lift due to wind erosion that reveals rocks.

For the best line, stick close to the ropes on the left side and traverse into Parsenn Bowl as the ropes allow.

Don't forget your camera - the views are amazing from the top! Forget-me-not is a small, blue wildflower that grows close to the ground in high-alpine environments.