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[img=526110 right]Gorges de la Nesque start of the descent left bank[/img] ##Go to From the playground air of Monieux (water body on the Nesque river) cross the bridge (625 m) to find the left bank the start of a marked path at the bottom of the Nesque gorges.

This path leaves the bottom of the gorges at the level of the small valley of Peissonnier.

The route after a regular shaded ascent leads to the ruins of La Peissonnière, it continues in a balcony, still in the holm oaks.

Reach the junction with the GR9 towards the ruins of Peisse.

Take the direction of the Saint-Michel chapel located at the bottom of the gorges.

Reach the cornice at the edge of the gorges and take a descent of about 150 m from D-.

This descent is quite exposed in places, it requires a little attention in order not to slip on the gravel.

Passage under a large balm shortly before arriving at the edge of the stream, cross by ford or on a tree trunk (depending on the water level) before going up slightly to reach the chapel of Saint Michel. [img=526107 right]Gorges de la Nesque montée rive droite[/img] ##Return From the chapel go up by the signposted path GR to the little frequented road D942, some passages in on panoramic vires on this part.

Beautiful panorama at road level (peak 735 m).

Cross the road and find the path back to the village of Monieux in a garrigue atmosphere.

The path climbs to the top of the circuit at 861 m before descending fairly quickly through the rocky bar of Côte Renard.

Leave the marked path just before the village of Monieux, arrive at the level of the church and join the water level at the start. <br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._