A long and varied blue with a 'Jekyll and Hyde' personality.









This run is long and varied and a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde.

It has some of the best sections of blue run in the resort and also some of the worst.

If you can ski the Marteau well, you can ski any of Serre Chevalier’s blues.

It’s all fairly straightforward at the start, but just past the entrance to the Stade red run the Marteau suddenly gets steep.

It’s too steep in many ways for a blue run and this has been made worse in recent years by the decision to rope off half the piste at the request of the local ESF, (French ski school) so it can be used for race training.

This issue seems to have been mostly resolved now and the piste looks to have regained its former width at least.

Below the Aravet bubble lift, the run gets really fun and can be skied fast or slow as it flows satisfyingly through the larch forest.

Just near the end it gets tricky again, but this time because it gets narrow rather than steep and crosses the Casse du Bœuf black run.

So all in all a few trials and tribulations that make it a tricky blue run overall.

Treat yourself to a well-earned beer at the Grotte or tuck into the best Croque Monsieur in the resort, possibly the world, in Le Break.

Both are at the bottom of the piste.