Access by the S side and its bars to the Cross of the Nivolet overlooking Chambéry.


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##Mounted by the Chimney From Lovettaz follow the signs indicating "Nivolet"". Around the altitude of 780 m, we reach a wider forest road. Then follows a false flat rising across and then a scree. Then comes an intersection where you have to follow the signs on the left indicating "Ferme du Nivolet"".


We cross the scree again and then continue to the 1077 m hill. From this point on, the climb becomes more sustained.

We end up on a meadow where we can see a very characteristic solitary tree.

Leave on the right the path going up towards Pas des Échelles, and follow on the left the path for about 300 m.

Do not take the first road on the right but continue on the main road until you reach a wooden sign indicating "La Cheminée".

The path then continues into the forest and quickly opens up at the bottom of the chimney.

The itinerary in the step is obvious, and requires a few easy climbing steps (no II). **Caution: unlike the ladder pitch, the chimney is not equipped with rungs or cables.

This is why it is better to use this route on the way up than on the way down. Once the step is finished, it is easy to reach the Nivolet cross. ## Descent by the Pas des Échelles Take a path that goes SE along the ridge.

A clearly visible cairn shows the entrance of the step. The descent of the step (whose height is about twenty meters) is easily done thanks to the many bars and cables present in the rock. Follow the path that joins the route up to the isolated tree in the meadow. Return to the car park by the ascent route from this point. #### Variant: descent by the Doria pass From the Cross of the Nivolet take the route of the Pas des Échelles and at the Pas continue to descend on the path that remains on the plateau.

We reach a yellow markup.

When the slope decreases, at a cairn marked COL in yellow, take a shortcut on the right that leads to the Col de la Doria. From there, take the path (signpost) that goes down in a sling to the Doria waterfall.

At the waterfall you can cross the Doria (footbridge) and go up 50 m to find the classic path from Lovettaz. You can also go down the left bank of the Doria.

There is a footbridge (733 m) which allows you to reach Lovettaz or reach the Chaffardon car park (beware of the passage under two rockfall corridors). The descent into the woods on the plateau is a bit monotonous but the descent from the Col de la Doria offers beautiful views. <br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._