A classic circular hike which encapsulates what Annecy hiking is all about.


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From La Sauffaz head in the direction of the Col des Nantets.

The ascent to the chalets des Crottes is on a path/forest track but the path is not always well marked and at each intersection of paths, always try to think about the general direction you're heading rather than following one specific path.

Shortly before the Chalets des Crottes, when the path zig zags it's possible to cut the corners and be slightly more efficient than the path is.

At the chalets find the trail around Lake Annecy before arriving at the Col des Nantets. From the pass, stop in at the chalet refreshment bar and sample the goat cheese of Froulaz before climbing up to the step of Aulp, level with the rock of Lancrenaz.

A small but delicate passage is equipped for the last meters. From the Pas de l'Aulp go down slightly towards the alpine chalets of l'Aulp Riant.

Leave the path for the tip of Talamarche and head for the Col des Frêtes at 1584 m.

To find the downhill path continue along the ridge towards the S-point of Lanfon's teeth. The descent begins with a steep and gullied path taking the fall line.

Reach the forest and follow a more conventional zig-zag path.

To reach La Sauffaz, find the trail around Lake Annecy at about 1090 m.

After crossing the Nant de Sallier, take a forest track at the 1069 m point on the side of the road leading to the forest road.

Cross the forest road to go down by a road towards Vérel, quickly leave this road to take a path not indicated at an altitude of 850 m.

After a last crossing through the meadows following the contour line, return to the starting point. <br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike](https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5/) licence._