A very beautiful route in the middle of the lakes before reaching Col Laures and a breathtaking view of the valley of Laures to the N and Mount Emilius just opposite.


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##Ascent [img=460290 right/] From Gimillan take the very well marked path n°8.

Cross the Grauson stream at the level of the Ecloseur at 1903 m.

Easily pass the rocky bar closing the Grauson valley at Pila.

Then the path climbs up a steep slope and quickly softens.

A small jump before reaching the beautiful alp of Grauson inférieur.

Cross the stream a little higher at 2296 m and find a little before Pralognan the junction for the Lusert lakes. Take path 8A towards Grauson supérieur, the path is always well marked and crosses beautiful alpine meadows.

Shortly before the first lake pass under the spectacular moraine of the former Lussert glacier. Between the first lake and the middle lake the path becomes steeper.

Continue along the path in boulders to reach the upper lakes and reach the Col de Laures through large boulders through which a path is difficult to see, the markings are present to help.

From the pass reach one of the first small peaks 3081 m from the crest of the Monts de Laures (wider point of view). ####Variant Between the middle lake and the upper Lussert lakes it is possible to reach the highest of the 2 lakes by the edge of the left bank moraine of the former Lussert glacier.

This variant is carried out off-trail (see trace Gpx) by the croup overhanging the moraine and the small lake of lakes above 2923 m.

Then find the path again by going down slightly to the S of the largest lake. ##Return by Coronas Lake Take the ascent path back to the lower Lussert Lake.

At this lake follow the path n°102 in the direction of the col de Saint Marcel.

Just before the fork with path n°8B going up to the pass, go directly to the lake through the lawn, take path 8B S of the lake, go down to the small lower lake and find the climb path at Grauson supérieur. Follow the ascent route to the Grauson mountain pasture below 2273 m.

Cross the stream and pass in front of the very well renovated houses of the alpine pastures.

Continue along a newly traced path (not marked on the map) on the right bank of the Grauson Valley.

This path arrives at the Tcheseu mountain pasture at 1918 m and Cretetta.

Find the ascent path at point 1915 m before Gimillan.<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike](https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5/) licence._