Long stage of the tour of the Argentera peaks, with a panoramic view of the Valasco pass and the lakes, over the whole area.


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[img=459497 right]Coletto di Valasco[/img][img=458838 right]Argentera - Remondino refuge slope[/img] ##Downward crossing and ascent at Valasco's pace From the Questa refuge at 2388 m the route starts with a small descent on a good path.

Very quickly under the refuge leave the access path from the valley of Valasco.

Continue to the low point of the crossing at the junction at 2202 m with the path leading to the Prefouns pass.

By a balcony path continue to the valley of Morta.

Arriving at the valley at 2121 m, find the path coming directly from piano di Valasco.

By a very good mule track reach Pas de Valasco at 2429 m. ##Crossing by the lakes From the footstep of Valasco go down to Lake Fremamorta Sottano (2359 m), pass Lake Mediano 2380 m and find the path on the left going down to Piano della Casa del Re. ####Variant It is possible to see the last of the Fremamorta lakes, Lake Soprano, to continue by the track or by a path through the Guiglia bivouac.

Go to the ruined military building and find a path not indicated on the map leading back to the main path leading down to Piano della Casa del Re. ##Descent to Piano della Casa del Re From Lake Mediano or Soprano take the path towards Piano della Casa del Re.

A path in good condition until about 2050 m, then take a more or less well marked path through the ruined mountain pasture of Gias della Losa.

Under one of the ruins the path passes a rocky bar not visible on the map, the path is steep until it reaches the path of the Fremamorta pass. It is possible at the Gias della Losa mountain pasture, after a short ascent, to find this path further upstream and thus avoid the steep portion of the passage of the rocky bar.

Continue by the path underneath the Regina Elena refuge and reach the intersection at the level of the stream with the path of the ascent route to the Remondino refuge at the bottom of the Balme valley (about 1800 m).

##Ascent to the Remondino refuge The ascent is made by a good path, first through the sparse larch trees and along the stream, then through the scree of large rocks at the level of the Assedras valley.

The refuge perched on its promontory is visible very quickly but there is still a long way to go.<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike](https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5/) licence._