Classic 2/3 day trekking in the Yungas from the mountains to the rainforest following an old pre-Columbian trail.



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The trek is generally done in 3 days, but you can shorten or extend at will there are many points where you can pitch the tent all along. ## Access From La Paz, reach Villa Fatima, then take a transport to Coroico and ask to get off at La Cumbre. It is also the starting point of the "road of death" on mountain bikes. ## Route Follow the track that first follows Laguna Estrellani towards the NW.

It climbs regularly until it reaches a pass (Apacheta Chucura) at almost 5900 m, allow 1h to 1h30.

Continue on the other side following the trail, or the path next to it when it exists.

We descend to ruins around 4400 m (1 hour). Continue towards the N until you reach Samaña Pampa (count one big hour, check-in, convenience products, camping sites, a restaurant). Take the E direction following the course of the stream, continue down for 1 hour and cross the pretty village of Chucura (registration, trail maintenance fee).

The trail is now mainly paved (and slippery), and vegetation is gradually changing towards the rainforest. We pass through a few campsites, then we reach Challapampa in 1 to 2 hours (covered campsites on either side of the stream, old suspension bridge destroyed). Continue along the stream along its left bank (ENE), passing through Choro / Villa Loa (camping sites, 2 to 3 hours from Challapampa), then turn to the E following the right bank rio Huarinina while moving away from the bottom of the valley. Follow the path on the side that passes through the pretty hamlet of Buena Vista (camping), and pass in front of the entrance of an old mine (Mina guarda loma). Turn right to join and cross the Rio Jukumarini (suspension bridge destroyed) and continue to the San Francisco campsites. We continue on the hillside before reaching the Rio Coscapa, passing through a waterfall, which we cross (old bridge) before going up to Bella Vista (campsite). Follow the always obvious path until you reach the crossroads between the El Choro trekking trail and the Camino silluntikara trail (signs).

We are only a few minutes from Sandillani (camping sites, convenience products, basic inn, showers) The trail ends by going down to Chairo, passing by a viewpoint and some ruins (2 to 3 hours) ## Return In Chairo, you will be offered a ride to Coroico at prohibitive prices (more than 150BS).

You can try to negotiate, walk to Pacallo to get a better price, or even walk to the tollbooth at the intersection of the RN40 and the RN3 (A good ten km not really exciting).<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._