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From Zernez take the Ofenpass/Passo del Forno road and after a few kilometres, once you have reached the Chasa del Stradin, leave it and turn right into Alpe Buffalora, 1968m.

On an easy dirt road reach the malga and continue now for about 300 on an unstable and steep surface that forces you to get off the bike. After the wall you arrive at a beautiful plateau: continue along the road now easy, pass a cabin on the left and point another cabin in the distance.

A few hundred metres before it, leave the road and take an obvious, fairly exposed path that cuts through a grassy mamelon. You enter another beautiful pasture with an almost imperceptible slope that leads to the Fourcla del Gal, 2279 m, the border between Switzerland and Italy. Now begins a beautiful descent, never too challenging, which winds first rarely through the woods, then along the grassy and beautiful Alpe del Gallo. From here it is a short walk along a narrow but well-balanced path which, with a few hairpin bends, leads to the SE end of Lake Livigno. Now you cycle - sometimes with great care - along the exposed path that runs along the lake to its end: continue on a wider trail, cross a bridge and continue with gentle slopes along the wide esplanade almost lunar at times invaded by real slaves of pebbles and rubble. You will then reach the Fraele-1952m- Pass and the San Giacomo lake, which you will briefly follow in the S direction: at a clear crossroads, take the cart track on the right, first immersed in the woods and with a few hairpin bends then in the open field and with long diagonals that allow you - always pedalling - to reach the Val Alpisella Pass, 2299.

From here with a long descent, sometimes steep but never dangerous, in a short time back to the bank of Livigno at its end S. Follow the dirt road in the S direction, as soon as possible pass on the other side orographic and for cycle paths go to take the entrance of Val Federia on the other side of the valley. Once you have passed the initial base, the valley and the road - at first paved, then unpaved - become sweeter: at a certain point leave the long valley floor and take the dirt road on the right to the ref./Passo Cassana/Chaschauna. The level of pedalling ability of this climb - they are about 600m in height difference - is almost zero given the state of the bottom and the prohibitive slopes. When you reach the refuge with a little effort you reach the pass -2694m- and the border. A very steep path starts from the pass, but it is possible to do it with the right technique all on the saddle, with at most some interruptions near some of the numerous and narrow bends. Once you have reached the almost flat bottom of the valley and passed the Alpe Chaschauna mountain hut -2210m- all you have to do is walk along the endless dirt road that leads to S-Chanf: continue along well-kept forest tracks and with several rips you will return to Zernez. <br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._