Riva Glade is a great and difficult tree area to the left of Riva Ridge.


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This has nice open corridors with the challenges of trees, steep pitches and moguls.

This is great when you are first on a powder day and even later when it's snowing.

This is not where you want to learn how to ski or ride trees, this is where you go when you are an expert at them.

This looks easy at the top but gets much harder.

If you are in over your head, cut hard left to get to Christmas or right to get to the trail Riva, not the gladed part.

All three Riva named runs are named after the ridge in the Italian Apennines where the Vail founder veterans of the 10th Mountain Division won a decisive battle in World War II.

Vail skier Penny Tweedy named one of her horses after this run and it won the Kentucky Derby in 1972.