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*This itinerary allows you to reach the Baudinard stone via the Col de la Samblue, the Col des Faïsses and the Peiseiriou forest house.

The view of the Obiou and the valleys is splendid. **Samblue Pass** *+550m* From the countries, follow the sign and then the yellow tracks in a winding climb up to the pass.

The ascent is quite easy and completely in the woods. **Col des Faïsses** *+225m* Several possibilities to reach this pass, we can take the path heading towards the ridge of Samblue to enjoy a nice view.

The climb is short but quite steep, still in the woods.

Once on the ridge, continue to follow the markings and small trails to reach the pass. **Peiseiriou Forest House** *-415m* Leave the pass by the gently sloping road, allowing you to enjoy the landscapes quietly.

Then, at the first pin, follow the tracks and signs to reach the forest house.

We'll cut the road several times. **Direction of the Baudinard stone** *+525m / -200m* Follow the road then leave it at the first hairpin to follow a road towards W.

Follow this direction until you reach the sign of the combe du loup.

Then start the ascent to the small needle direction E.

The path has a gentle slope, then turns into a steep slope path.

The climb is quite steep up to the small needle. At the small needle, don't make a mistake, don't take the paths leading to the E, but follow the path that still goes up towards SW over a few hundred meters of difference in altitude. Finally, you leave the forest to discover a path with a gentle curve or slope.

Continue to follow the yellow markings to reach the Baudinard stone, which can be seen quite far away.

The unguarded refuge is "hidden" behind it.<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._