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**Step 1: Banyuls - Port Bou From Banyuls follow the road to Puig Del Mas, from there, two options: One marked by Del Bast Hill (139 m), Rumpissar Hill (531 m).

Climb any ridge to the Torre de Querroig (672 m). The other through Mas Ramonet, the Coll de la Creu (297 m), Puig Joan (458 m), the Coll de Cerbère (433 m) and its watchtower, before reaching the Torre de Querroig. We go down following the ridge line on the hillside of La Farella (border post N° 598) and we continue until Port Bou (signposting). **Step 2: Port Bou - Llança** From Port Bou, two options: Either follow the GR 92 to reach Colera Either cross Port Bou, direction the port, cross the cemetery and after a short stretch of road follow the path marked by "blue circles" which rises in a sling on the ridge before finding the GR 92. We then go down to Colera to follow the coastal path.

Arrived at the beach of Les Garbets (small crossing in the water), continue along the coast to Llança. **Step 3: Llança - el Port de la Selva Go along the port by the GR 92, past the Punta de s'Arenella and continue along the coast to the Port de la Vall campsite.

From there leave the coast and follow the path that leads up to the Vall de Santa Creu. Then reach the monastery of Sant Père de Rodes.

Follow the path that goes down by a steep descent on the Selva de Mar before reaching the Port de la Selva. **Stage 4: El Port de la Selva - Cap de Creus - Cadaquès** We follow the GR 11 direction Punta de la Creu.

After Sant Baldiri, follow the GR11 or leave the GR11 (variant) and follow the path that leads to Playa de Tavallera, cross the rec and continue towards the barraca de la Pedrera where you will find the GR11 just before the Serrat den Camp Nou. From there, follow the GR 11 to Cap de Creus and the Cami Antic marked out over Portlligat and the road to Cadaques. *Variations to avoid the Cap de Creus*: From Mas Vell possibility to reach Cadaquès directly by hanging up the GR92. From the vigna den Ferrer leave the GR11 and reach Port Lligat and Cadaquès (7 km) by the direct track. <br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._