Slightly confusing but not imperative to follow precisely.


Analysing terrain data








Symmetry is depicted as a large S-turn from the top of Apres Vous and leading into Togwotee Traverse.

It is the flattest way down from the top of Apres Vous, so if you’re scared of steeps, it’s a great way to work your way down the hill.

Head left off of the lift down the ridge towards the bathrooms.

From here stay on the skier’s left of the super wide groomer.

The trees on your left will end just as the slope flattens out, this is your cue to veer to the skier’s left underneath those trees and head towards the lift.

You will make it almost directly under the lift line before making a slow bend back to the skier’s right following the flattest (almost a cat-track) way possible.

Continue crossing the hill to join up with the Togwotee Pass Traverse, or head skier’s left down Upper Teewinot, Werner, or Moran.