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##Up From the hostel in Gigerwald (1228 m, bus in Bad Ragaz), take the white-blue-white path to the 2696 m breccia under the Pizol somital building: beautiful path cut into the right bank of the gorge to the chalets in Tersol (2000 m), stone that straightens under the breccia, the last 100 meters are developed in vertical ski stands (40°) something cabron, soon delicate if there is snow or ice.

From the breccia to the right, the path zigzags in the blocks to the breccia del Pizol (2790 m).

Roundtrip to the summit is fast but has some air pass secured by cables. ##Descent to the same N from the breccia, directly by stone slopes and the small glacier to its lower tongue about 2600 m, or by a cable march to the right if the glacier is in bad condition (live ice with pebbles on top at the end of summer).

easily reach the Wildseeluege pass (2493 m) which dominates the precious long eponimo.

Since then, the marked trail to the ruins of the Pizolhütte (2220 m, burned in 2003): From where we can go down to Wangs by chairlift + cable car we can also continue to Laufböden and go down by chairlift / cable car to Bad Ragaz or reach different points of the valley by many paths...the most beautiful is to make a break through the Lac de Vilters (one pass) before reaching the villages of Pardiel (1620 m, cable car).

From there by cable car or along good forest paths to Wildboden (954 m) then Bad Ragaz (500 m) <br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._