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From Montalbà, follow in his footsteps by the D53 crossing the river and shortly after take a path to the right, whose curves cross paths.

Arrived at Can felix, continue up the hillside towards the SE.

We reach the coll del Ric and then a ridge.

Cross under the Porrassa's puig.

We find the secondary ridge that we follow in the woods to the border line.

From there, join the Roc de France and go back to the E. Take the border ridge towards the W for a short distance and always leave it shortly after the San Marti collada.

The path winds its way through the forest following the bottom of a valley.

Then he moves to the right to reach Cerda Hill. From there do not go down into one of the two sides, but take a wrong path (marked out) opposite which goes up to the holy savior and then goes around it to the left.

Arrived at a small collar on the NW ridge possibility to find the slightly delicate and aerial path that leads to the summit. Then, follow the path that through a secondary ridge oriented N brings abruptly back to the starting point. <br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._