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From the Col de Montaud head towards the S and follow a signposted green and yellow path to the Fessole mountain pasture.

The path remains level for a long time until it crosses two streams and a crossroads called [[images/347363|Avalanche Corridor]] (do not go down to the right). The logging road has just been continued beyond this point (probably during the summer of 2012) and climbs quite steeply.

When the slope softens and the logging road moves away from the cliff, recover the old road (green and yellow markings).

We reach a stream with water reservoirs and enter the Fessole mountain pasture (flowers, cows in summer). Continue the alpine pasture to the farm of Fessole (about 1430 m): an open[images/347364|shelter room] with table, benches and stove, no access to the dormitories reserved for shepherds.

On the left is the itinerary of the Pas de Pierre carved out by which we will return. Take the route on the right which goes down [[images/347035| to Le Rivet]].

It is a road that continues through the mountain pastures, then through the woods. At a hairpin bend to the right with a sign (1002 m), leave the downhill path for a footpath towards [[images/347036|Pas de Montbrand]].

This path climbs in the direction of SE then S.

The beginning of the path is more or less hidden by a felled tree. After a while, at a [[images/347034|cairn+pole]], take a path to the left in the direction of E that climbs steeply.

At a small flat (clearing, post), the path deviates a little to the right and frankly attacks the climb.

When the slope becomes even steeper, the path begins to zigzag and we reach the bars of the Pas de Montbrand.

The passage is quite short, not difficult but steep and, depending on the conditions, can become difficult (rain, mud) or even dangerous (storm, snow, ice...).

View of the plain at the exit of the Pas. To continue two solutions: * Take the isoclinic fire path to the left (N), just after the ridge line, and follow it until it turns into a path and starts to descend.

The end is quite wild boar until you reach the GR9 which you take on the left (N) when you go up. * Cross the fire road and take the NE direction track which goes down to the GR9.

Post: go up the GR9 to G (N) towards Sous Pierre Taillée. Arrived at the post indicating [[images/347365|Southern Cut Stone]] (1550 m), take the road on the left (SW) towards Pas de la Pierre Taillée.

The path crosses two paths and becomes a path.

At the pass, moving along the ridge, overlooking the W plain and various massifs (Vercors, Taillefer, Oisans, Mont Blanc...). Continue the path that goes down to the Alpage de Fessole where you reach the ascent path that you follow to the car park. <br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._