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From the Col de Portus (1736 m), which can be reached by car by a bad track or by foot from Evol, head towards the Gorg Nègre (Lake Evol) by a pastoral track, to a shed, then a path which climbs on the left bank of the valley immediately opposite.

From the lake climb follow the signs towards the NNW towards the refuge of Nohède / de la perdrix / de perdiu.

From the refuge, take towards the NNW to Clot Rodon and Roc Nègre (2459 m).

We then follow the ridge towards the W, with a short section a little steep, before reaching the top slope.

Return by the same route. *Variants* From the lake, it is also possible to head SW towards point 2273, marked on the map, to push a visit to the Pelade peak (2370 m).

We then return by a long flat to the hut of the Partridge and follow the route that leads to the top of the Madres. On the way back, it is possible to continue full E and NE before descending to Gorg Estelat (Lake Nohèdes).

From the lake we find the old Jujols trail which takes us back to the Portus pass.<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._