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##Ascent From the hamlet of Champel take the path (marked GR5) which runs along it overlooking the stream of Bionnassay to the village of the same name located on the other bank. From there, climb up to the Tricot waterfall, getting closer to the Bionnassay stream, which comes from the terminal tongue of the glacier (via Le Crozat, la Chapiot, l'Are).

Continue climbing to cross a steep area equipped with a metal ladder.

After 15 minutes, the forest clears, uncovering at the bottom of the knitting valley.

Take another altitude up to the Col de Tricot. ####Go back to the top A path on the right then climbs towards Mont Vorassay.

The last 50 m are less marked as the path gets lost in the grass on the left.

But step marks make it possible to do so.

Unblock at the top of a stretched rump N-S.

Summit! Go down the same route to the Col de Tricot. ##Descending Go down the Miage slope to reach the mountain pastures.

Before the chalets an intersection indicates several directions.

Turn right towards Champel.

The path starts on the side to follow the Miage stream and enters the Gruvaz gorges.

Return to the hamlet of Champel.<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._