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##Ascent Follow the track on the left bank of the Conangles valley until the second pin on the left (1890 m).

100 metres later, and 50 metres before a narrow ravine, rise at best to the S, in very steep and confused terrain (small bars to be bypassed, sometimes invasive vegetation).

Soon (2100 m) you can see more clearly, the slope remains steep but it is no longer necessary to hang on to the branches to climb, and the NW ridge appears on the right.

Follow it or join it (its thread is chaotic, it is preferable anyway to follow it along the N side) up to the summit (2780 m). ##Descending Reach the large grassy slope to the S, a priori by the steep ridge S before crossing towards this slope *[the author of the topo has gone through the second breach to the E, but this is not recommended.

Next to confirm.]*.

Go down long and steeply straight down towards the Besiberri Estany, locate the main ravine on the left but do not reach it (it does not pass), and insist in the axis when small bars appear.

Zigzag between these bars by grassy areas until you come to a last big bar, a hundred meters above the lake.

This bar is impassable, go left (E) to reach the lower part of the ravine that drops off at the lake.

Pass left bank to find the right path that goes down to the GR11 to follow to the N to return to the hospital.<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._