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##Ascent Departure from Sørvågen.

Lake Sørvågvatnet can be bypassed by the N or W (path/logical track according to choice).

A small ascent (with several paths) to the Stuvdalsvatnet, which runs along flat.

After passing a prohibited swimming sign at the end of the lake, take the right path which climbs steeply (chains on rocky passages quite useful for the descent).

Small plateau then obvious ascent towards Djufjordheia (many cairns) then towards the Munkebu hut.

The shoulder of the Munken can be reached by 2 paths, 1 that does not pass through the cabin and 1 more marked and frequented that passes through the cabin (both not shown on the map).

Forest of cairns at the top. ##Descending Several possibilities: - Return by the same route.

Not very pleasant, prefer the descent over the Kjølen ridge, it is an opportunity to make a loop. - From the summit, descend to the level of 2 small pools.

Locating a cairn at the weir of the largest pond is the starting point of the trail that goes down directly to the Djufjordheia without returning to the cabin.

Continue until you reach Djufjordheia and start the full descent S.

Turn left to take the path that goes up to the mountainside to reach the ridge of Kjølen.

The path is clearly visible from Djufjordheia.

Follow the ridge to the end, then go down towards Kollfjellet.

At the pass, at the Moskenesvanet, take the path that forks to the right (SW) and joins the ascent route on the banks of the Stuvdalsvatnet. - Loop through Djupfjord: from the pass before going up to Djufjordheia, take the SE combe to Djupfjord, then follow its bank (off-path) to the road. - Possibility to cross to the N from the Munkebu hut to the Forsfjorden, partially indicated path (organize the boat trip to Vindstad or the access if hiking in the opposite direction from Reine).<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._