The perfect advanced run for people looking for a black diamond/double black diamond trail that has varied terrain.









Superstar is a black diamond trail at the base of the K1 area that runs from early season all the way into May.

This has the most snow-making on it, which will become evident when you notice the HUGE mountain of snow stockpiled at the top of the trail.

To access this location, you need to take the Superstar Express Quad from the K1 base, as this is the BEST and easiest way to get to Superstar from the top.

It can also be accessed from the K1 Gondola from Launchpad, but will come in too low to get to the Superstar Headwall.

This entire trail is an awesome adventure.

It is wide with varied terrain.

The headwall is very steep but short.

The pitch to skier’s right is a bit easier, but it usually has less snow cover.

To area the skier’s left of the headwall is always full of giant moguls.

On occasion, this gets groomed.

Proceeding over Launchpad, the trail opens up to a very wide snowfield, where the pitch is flattened out with small moguls.

If groomed, this is a great spot to get some carves in.

Once you pass the connecting part of Skye Hawk on skier’s right, the trail becomes a huge double fall line.

Stay to skier’s left if you don’t want that angled part of the run - unless you want to go skier’s right on to High Road to ditch lower Superstar.

NOTE: Superstar should have a double black diamond rating at the bottom since it is similar to Ovation (lower) but not as steep and without exposed rocks.

Only proceed further if you are an expert, as this trail gets heavy traffic.

Once past the High Road connection, it really gets interesting with huge moguls and the double fall line under the lift.

A really great line is the far left lane, if you can get it from the top section after you pass the roped-off area under the lift.

Any line here is great, but watch out for ice, as this trail is always crowded and it is super steep on the bottom section.

This trail has varied light.

The perfect advanced run for people looking for a black diamond/double black diamond rating that has varied terrain.