A stunning loop over one of the most aesthetic peaks in the region.


5 - 6









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From the car park continue on the road up to a mountain chalet (la Molloire).

Above the chalet the road bends a little before entering the woods.

Take a path to the left which leads south-west into the forest and which after about 1 km reaches a jeep track that climbs towards the Praz Dzeures refuge.

As you pass a stream, the trail turns into a tightly wound path leading to the refuge. Go past the refuge to reach an intersection (sign) and head right on the path going up to the Col des Vorets then follow the path west to reach the ridge line between the Pointe des Frêtes and La Bajulaz.

Continue on the ridge (heading north-northwest) then make a steep climb on slightly loose terrain to a small pass.

From there make an exposed ascending traverse to a handrail-protected section of path, which leads to the "fauteuil", the highest point of the Tournette. Go back and take the path that goes down north-northeast to the Rosairy refuge.

Follow the path closely because smaller trails at times you lead into tricky sections that might require some downclimbing.

At the Rosairy refuge, do not continue the descent under the refuge but head south-southeast to reach a path that climbs to a small hill west of Bouton. At the pass the path goes down south-east.

At around 1600 m leave rightwards on a path which goes up to the pass of Vorets and continue the descent by passing near a ruined chalet ( Les Vorets alt.1538m). Go left at an intersection on a path going down towards Les Grangettes-Le Cropt and the path to the Col du Marais.

After a short distance the path stops going down to go back up to a rocky area and reach the place called Les Trois Vargnes, alt.

1400 m.

Take the jeep track below that starts near a chalet and leads to La Molloire. <br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike](https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5/) licence._