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[img=426217 right/] ## Go From Bagergue, at 1400 m.

The road continues for a few hectometres and then quickly gives way to a track.

Passenger vehicles can easily reach the dera Ribèra flat (1480 m), where the track is divided.

But depending on the capacity of your vehicle and the snow removal, you can go up the Liat trail to the Calhaus pastures, around 1900 m. From the flat 1480 m, go right up the long Liat track, cut in spring by numerous avalanches, to the Calhaus cabana (1980 m).

In summer, continue on the track until you reach an altitude of 2050 m, where you will find on the right a good path that climbs in bends to Lake Montoliu; in winter, climb on the crest behind the hut and turn NE into a valley that rises upwards to reach the Montoliu cometa at around 2200 m. Pass through the pond or climb directly to the left using benches on the E side of the tuc des Crabes to reach the Maubèrme coast (2478 m) between tuc des Crabes and Pic de Maubermé, near which you will find the route from the port of Urets.

Go around the W le Maubermé to the slope bordered by the border ridge.

In summer, a cairneous trail with multiple laces in stable scree leads to the summit; in winter, the fairly steep slope (35° by 200 m) leads to a shoulder (about 2780 m) where you can leave your skis and end up with an easy ridge. ## Return At the beginning, it is possible to take corridor W, which is steeper (40°), narrower and ends on rocks (S4/E2). Then: - By the ascent route via Montoliu cometa. - By the Nera coma: return to the Maubèrme area and go down to the SSW in the Nera coma (cornices, if in doubt return to the Maubèrme area).

Gradually pull to the left at the exit of the combe to slowly return to the Calhaus cabin.<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._