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##Ascent # 2h30 to 3h From the church of San Vincenzo (most of the climbing agencies are just behind it) follow a path leading to the old cemetery, it is the same path that goes to the edge of the Sciara del Fuoco (at the authorized altitude, i.e.

400 m). Climb a kind of staircase along the Vaddone i illici until you reach a small platform to generally make a stop.

Turn left and go straight up along a kind of ridge that on the old maps is called Sierru d'a Mannarazza. Shortly after arriving on Prima Rina, the beginning of the black sand slope (sometimes slippery) where the attentive can find many pyroclastics. Then, climb quite steeply full W the Liscione in front of the Rina ranni, the old Sciara del Fuoco of 2000 years ago, before the flow changes sides and takes place where we see it today.

There are many weather and volcanological/seismic stations along the way and at the top, Stromboli having become one of the most monitored and studied volcanoes today. Stay at the top during sunset to be able to admire the eruptions also at night.

There is smoke that can be irritating and quite sulphurous, as well as a shower of ashes. ##Descending # 1h30 The descent is made by the Rima ranni in a very efficient and fast way, by "surfing" in the sand.<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._