This itinerary allows you to walk on the highest peak of Chartreuse by an original route to avoid the crowd of the big days.


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[img=569095 right]The arch, seen from the path[/img] [img=569702 right]Ark step[/img] ##No de l'Arche From the Col de Porte, follow the classic Chamechaude itinerary to the Bachasson hut.

From there, turn right (SW direction) on the horizontal path around Chamechaude. After 7-8 minutes, you reach a kind of high wooden gate.

Cross it and, immediately afterwards, take the path that climbs to the left (yellow cross) and follows the cliffs (path that continues to the foot of the Arnaud breach and to the Garden).

Shortly afterwards, we can see an opening in the rock on the left (kind of cave/arch, see photo).

Then leave the path to go up towards the cliff: the cave is then on the right, and the pas de l'Arche, which is revealed at the last moment, on the left (see photo).

Quick return trip to the cave/arch which is worth a visit.

Then turn around and you can only fall on the crack in the chimney forming the step of the Ark. Easily raise the chimney (narrow anyway, cairn at the exit), then move a little towards the N horizontally.

Shortly afterwards (as soon as it is actually practicable), overcome the easy steps on the right (you can still see the cliff you just passed). ##Superior variant If you have missed the step of l'Arche (or if you do not pass ;-)), you will find a little further on, a large cairn just at the level of a rocky spur on the left: you then leave the main path to take the path on the left rear.

We then open into the slopes above the above-mentioned arch (without seeing it) after a short and very easy jump.

The trail continues towards a sheep fence that we cross.

Just after, stay in sight of the cliff we just passed and go up on the right. ##Squirrel Ramp We end up hitting a new, higher wall: to the left (N), we would join Cirque S and the normal track path under Folatière; to the right (S), we end up seeing a diagonal rocky ramp (the Écureuils ramp) just before the great cliff that dives onto the Sappey.

The quick return to the edge (characteristic tilted tree) is worth a visit.

We return to the ramp that we can easily climb (roasting for sheep in summer), then reach the ridge that we follow to the top. ##Descending The choice is yours: - By the same route. - By the classic way of the W side. - Through the canyon. - By the S.

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