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[img=238150 right]Lake Louise[/img] The little Beehive, Lake Agnès and Big Beehive are three famous scenic places close to Lake Louise. Cross the Chateau (or turn around), hike along the lakeshore on 200m, then follow the big path on the right to Lake Agnes.

After 2.6 km on this larg trail you arrive to Mirror Lake, just below the cliff of Big Beehive. At Mirror Lake, take the path on your right hand in direction of Agnes Lake.

After 500m you have again a cross, on your right you can go to the view point Little Beehive, straight on you go directly to Agnes Lake, great place. Turn around the lake then climb the hill up to Big Beehive, beautiful view on Lake Louise. Return back to the col (200m).

You can come back by the same trail or continue the circuit onto your left.

The descent is a bit steep, first you join Highline Trail, follow it in direction of Plain of the Six Glaciers, then turn left to join the bottom of Lake Louise. Turn again on your left, follow the Lakeshore (W), the trail goes along of the cliffs (nice climbing routes).

After 3 km you are back to the very new Chateau.<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._