A quiet and short blue run with varied terrain.









Swirl is a quiet blue that's perfect for working on technical skills and staying out of a busy area.

To access this location, you need to take the Ramshead Express Quad from the base.

The Ramshead Express Quad is almost always a long, cold and windy ride up.

So, prepare for that.

Exit the lift to the right and then stay to the left.

Do not take the trail to the right (Easy Street).

Swirl is typically not open until mid to late December.

It is super fun for working on turns or small bumps when there is enough snow.

If you want groomed terrain then stay to the left.

To the right, the top section often has a very small mogul section comprising of evenly-spaced small bumps.

It flattens out as you approach the merge with Easy Street.

If you are going at a fast speed, beware that Easy Street is a green trail and you will surely merge with beginners.

Then, when Easy Street dumps onto Header, use extreme caution as this is a huge intersection and is a congested area.

This area is not always groomed.

When it is, at the top, the right side is un-groomed and often has small moguls and is in the shade.

The perfect intermediate run for people who are looking for a quiet run off the beaten track.