A hike full of curiosities: between the passage of the Lançoir, the Chemin des Échelles and the sculptures of the Route des Arcets - and finally, an exceptional view of the Arve Valley and the Chaîne des Aravis.


5 - 6









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## Approach # From the car park, take the forest track towards S.

After about ten minutes of walking, arrive at a fork and take the path rising to the left towards Lançoir-Refuge de Véran. ## Route # [img=192554 right]Route Tête de Lassy[/img] Go up through the forest by a path (signposting "V") until you reach a long screw cut in the stone and equipped with cables (1057 m).

It is the passage of the Lançoir (1h) Start a long horizontal crossing until you reach the Arpenaz torrent, which you cross thanks to a footbridge.

Continue towards the Chalets d'Arcet, ignoring the junctions.

(1h) Cross the hamlet and reach a fork in the road.

Follow the sign indicating the Tête de Lassy by the ladders.

Then go up the forest by a steep path sometimes equipped with cables and walk along the foot of the cliffs ("Q" markings).

In fact, there is only a ladder of about ten meters to cross and then we quickly reach the top of the Tête de Lassy.

Drive to the viewpoint that offers an exceptional view of the valley, the Iron Cross and the Tête du Coloney.

(1h) ##Descending # From the Tête de Lassy, follow a slightly marked path towards SE to find a wide 4×4 track, which passes near the Refuge de Véran.

Continue on this track through the forest until you find a fork in the road at Trévange.

(1h) Then follow the direction of Les Arcets on your right.

After about ten minutes, return to the ascent path and return via the Lançoir passage which leads back to the car park.

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