This itinerary is a fun and effective way to reach the Autrans plateau by paths that are not very popular and oriented to the N. The cliffs offer many panoramas and views.


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## Not Brochure # 1h30 By taking either the track 100 m below the start of the pas de la Clé, or the path 250 m below which climbs steeply, join a crossroads where 4 paths cross.

Take the one that goes straight up the slope slightly to the left, surrounded by 2 cairns and marked with a few blue dots.

It is stiff, first straight ahead and then finally makes a few turns when arriving at the foot of the face. Arrived here, go straight up through slabs (slippery in wet weather), and quickly reach a turn that goes to the left where the cliff is straightened.

Locate shortly after a protected jump of 3 points connected by a red cord.

Go up this one, follow the exposed turn and then take the short ladder to cross a second jump.

The rest of the route is obvious: follow a turn to the left, go up a fault, then another turn to the right, ends in a yaw and ends up on the plateau at the Brochier step at 1475 m. ## Beak of the Orient # 15mn Turn right and follow the GR9 until you reach [[waypoints/42791|Bec de l'Orient]] decorated with his cross, 100 m higher. ## La Buffe # 1h Return to the Brochier step, continue along the cliff on the GR9, dotted with many points of view.

Go through the field of the pas de la Clé, go up along the Rocher de Combe Noire and go down to the Grande Brèche.

The trail still continues along the cliff to the top of the [[waypoints/172972|Buffe]], the highest point of this hike. ## No Key # 1h30 Retrace your steps to the fields above the Key step, and descend it either by the "Jet", a corridor cut at an angle into the rock to descend the trunks, slipping in wet weather, or by the path that goes around it on the right.

Then follow the yellow and green markings until you reach the road.<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._