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In summer, without using the means of elevation, to climb the Leonera requires about 2250m of unevenness, until a considerable altitude, reason why it is usually done in 3 days.

In winter, with skis and using the means of elevation to reach 3500m, it can be done in one or two days.

However, this requires a good acclimatization since the summit reaches almost 5000m. **<font color="#ffff00">-==- sync:ßÇÈâÈâ From the ski resort of La Parva, go up the slopes, looking for the left (E) limit of the ski resort.

The rocky side of the [[waypoints/41570|Falsa Parva]] soon appears.

(with an antenna at the top and a multitude of skiable gutters). Reach the highest point of a chairlift, about 3500m.

Cross the end of a small lift and access a pass to the right of the peak, overlooking the Inca Valley.

It is also possible to access the hill from the left along the summer road but there are usually cornices.

There is a lagoon that offers good camping sites. From the pass, a snow shovel climbs almost to the top of the False Parva.

The last meters are for rock, easy.

The Cerro de la Parva can be seen further north.

Follow the edge, very smooth and without difficulty, to this summit (marked with a milestone and three irons). Passing La Parva, follow the edge to the top of the [[waypoints/172155|Painter]] (4180m).

After the Painter, reach a wide flat area known as the "Cancha Carrera".


You can camp there. From the Cancha Carrera.

(4200m), follow the same edge in direction NNW until you reach the foot of the Leonera.

Its summit is reached by going around it on the left (to the W). Descent by the same itinerary, or by the great gorge to the E, passing by the Piedra Numerada (normal to Lead).<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._