An excellent black diamond tree run.









The Throne is a marked black tree run off from Lower East Fall and Racer’s Edge.

The best way to a access this location is to take the K1 Gondola to the peak, or the Snowdon Triple.

If you opt with K1, then take Great Northern down to Upper East Fall on skier’s right.

Take that to the bottom before the North Ridge Triple loading area and proceed to the headwall of Lower East Fall.

Enter the headwall all the way on skier’s left and STOP where Racer’s Edge enters on skier’s left.

Or, opt for the Snowdon Triple and exit the lift to the left.

Go around the corner to the right and take a hard right on to Killink.

Cross over Great Northern and stay to the left on Racer’s Edge into the Canyon on Lower East Fall and STOP where the trails meet.

Enter The Throne to skier’s left.

These trees are sweet, especially on powder days.

You can always find a great line anywhere in there.

If you take the whole tree run, you will dump out on to Spillway or Royal Flush.

Watch out for people cruising down Spillway.

The perfect advanced run for people looking for a tree run that always delivers the goods, when the snow cover is good, without fear of going outside the resort boundaries with multiple exit areas.